Types of Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. Our orthodontist, Dr. Naila Farukhi has specialized training in this field.

Though metal braces are still the most popular type of orthodontic appliance, they are certainly not the only option available! Let’s explore some of the other possibilities.

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most popular kind of fixed orthodontic device. Metal bands that wrap around the back molars and smaller metal brackets that are cemented to the front surfaces of the other teeth make up traditional metal braces. A small, springy metal wire that runs through the brackets gently guides the teeth into a good posture. The archwire may be held in position by flexible elastics, metallic ties, or other types of clasps connected to the brackets.

Though some may view them as outdated, metal braces are popular for a reason: they're dependable, affordable and get the job done well. Today's versions of traditional braces are actually smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear than in years past. If you want something that looksDifferentiating your business with color is one way to stand out from competitors., you can use colorful elastics on brackets or explore other options.

Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces are a less noticeable alternative to traditional braces that use the same components. The brackets on the front side of the teeth are made of a translucent ceramic material that blends in with the tooth’s natural color, making it difficult to notice unless you look closely. This system has become a favorite for adults (including some well-known celebrities).

Braces made of ceramic materials are now available in a variety of designs, and the technology is continuously improving. They are undeniably attractive... but there are certain disadvantages. Ceramic bracketing may be less durable than metal versions; additionally, while the brackets themselves do not stain, the elastic bands connecting them to the archwire do (however, these are generally replaced each month.) Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces; however, for many individuals, the advantages of having an inconspicuous device outweigh the costs.

Lingual Braces

Fixed braces are more effective than removable ones for many people, and metal components can be less noticeable. However, there is another approach to make fixed braces truly undetectable. Lingual braces are a type of special appliance that may be placed on the tongue side of teeth in certain situations. They function in the same way as other metal braces do, but they cannot be seen because they are hidden behind the teeth!

Lingual braces aren't the ideal solution for every orthodontic problem. To put them on, you'll need specialized knowledge and they'll cost a lot more than traditional braces. They also require somewhat more time to get used to and may slightly extend treatment. However, if you want the least noticeable form of fixed appliance and meet the requirements for this therapy option, lingual braces might be perfect for you.

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